Jumping Clay Group understands its business as a Professional Education Philosophy.

We are the original creators and pioneers of this concept, where other can only attempt to copy us.

We aim to be a Global Education franchise, as well as being product distributors, specialized in unique and different clay and craft packs.

Jumping Clay Institute of Arts provides educational programs under the motto “learn through play” for children, families and communities.

JumpingClay Institute of Arts develops and assists constantly with all kind of Education Programs (To franchisees, governments, medical staff and others).

JIA by itself is a real bank of soft for the Clay all around the world.

We distribute different products and arts as part of our business but not to be seen a profit making.

When you join Jumping Clay you will be able to work as a JIA Instructor, which classifies you as an educator, teacher; a very respected social position.


Jumping Clay was born in South Korea.

After a lot of hard work and very thorough research and development, the team of Jumping Clay created unique Polymer Clay.

The company was founded in 1998, introducing into the market with a distinct clay with many qualities, unthinkable in other products.

Jumping Clay owes its success to the educational programs that go along with the product which demonstrate to the public the superior versatility of the product.

In 2003, after consolidating its reputation in the Asian market, the brand launched the franchise business in Thailand due to the demand from several people interested in its way of doing business.

Jumping Clay never thought about franchising at the beginning but had to do so to share its success, firstly in the nearest countries and later all around the world.

In 2008 the brand was introduced in Canada and in 2009 Jumping Clay settled in Europe, starting with Ireland, Russia and Spain and followed by Portugal.

Nowadays we are expanding our network all around South America and participate in trade fairs and shows in the United States,Africa or United Arab Emirates so as to introduce our philosophy of business to the different cultures.

It currently has over 500 franchises and retailing points worldwide, more than 5.000 instructors and has a presence in more than 29 countries.


The Main offices are in Korea and Spain with several factories and we keep on expanding all around the world in countries such as United States and the balkan countries.

Jumping Clay Group is growing faster and faster, you will find a franchisee in Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Russia, Serbia, Mongolia … and is looking for new members all over the world.

Kini, PT Sahabat Pelangi Indah memulai kisahnya di Indonesia dengan menjadi distributor tunggal dan membuka Akademi Jumping Clay pertama di awal tahun 2013.

PT Sahabat Pelangi Indah membeli Jumping Clay Super Master Franchise untuk seluruh Indonesia dan beruntung dapat bergabung dalam kemitraan ini sedini mungkin, karena kami percaya ini adalah saat yang tepat untuk masuk ke pasar negara berkembang, dimana anak-anak kita (dan orang dewasa) dapat memperoleh akses untuk membangun dunia 3-dimensi mereka dari program edukasi dan produk clay teraman di dunia, dan penciptaan lapangan kerja pun dapat dicapai melalui perkembangan pendidikan Jumping Clay di Indonesia.